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*So apparently he's not ALWAYS a bookish shut-in. Hiroshi is actually out and about today! To... get library books, okay, fine. But he's also at the pet store today, looking into octopus chow. Montfort's adorable, to be sure, and shockingly easier to take care of than what he's read about, but darned if he doesn't need a lot of love and care. Which is hard when you have a roommate that you have to constantly keep an eye on to make sure he's not either trying to feed it bad things or turn it into something NOT an octopus.

If he's not there, he's out in one of the parks, writing in a journal and looking at books. There might be a few psychology texts in there...*


Mar. 28th, 2012 06:28 pm
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So this is that hangover thing everyone keeps talking about.

Next time I drink that much, someone remind me to eat something, too. Will spend rest of today doing best imitation of dead person.
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Who: Booster Gold, volunteers for dragging his ass back
What: Booster wants to ragequit everything, several people would really rather he didn't.
When: Not long after this post.
Where: Somewhere around the southern edge of town.

He flew south. )
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[The feed opens to Gordon, a large and rather silly smile on his face, backdropped by one of the messiest offices one could ever lay eyes on. In addition of his normal clothes he's also wrapped in a white labcoat that already has an impressive crop of pens and pencils stuffed into the breast pocket.]

So, I go in to turn in another two bits of anemoi over at the lab, and mentioned offhand somewhere a few experiments I've been up to, y'know, not really thinking... Others pick up on the conversation, call still more guys over, security starts hanging over me to make sure I don't go anywhere while they're calling each other back to discuss stuff in the next room, and by this time I'm convinced I'm about to be exiled or brain-wiped or something just for getting curious...

[He grins wildly and flashes a badge with a glare-riddled picture of himself and the name "GORDON" emblazoned beneath.]

Hahah, nope! Instead they offer me a job! Anemoi and materials research! And it looks like they need all the help they can get; that dragon-snake-thing really scared the hell out of the researchers here. Some of them won't even be back for a few WEEKS...
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[Rex's face shows up on the feed, front and center.]

So, I think we've all noticed how completely boring this place has been lately.

In light of that, I propose we have some... bear wrestling matches!! Last person and last bear standing go up against each other in a grueling battle of fists and claws! [He punctuates his commentary with energetic fistpumps and fake punches in front of the camera.]

So who's up for it? If you don't wanna chicken out, meet me by the edge of town, near the forest!


[Rex got impatient. He is no longer on the edge of town like he said he'd be. Instead, he's in the forest, already taking on a bear. However, he's not too far in, and he's making a good deal of noise, so he's easy to find.]

Take that, you giant fuzzball! That's for making me jump around the trees like a stupid little mico! Ha, bet you didn't see that one coming!

[For a fight that sounds so painful based on the noises of the attacks, Rex's banter is very...playful.]

((OOC: 0.5% on the EVO bunny from Operation: Wingman. 2.3% total memory regain, 12.7% remaining (jeez, how did that even happen).))
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Hey, everyone! New Roots is officially opening today. If anyone watching this is new, we're selling flowers and produce grown in a greenhouse here in the city. The store's located a few blocks west of the Ermis Suites, if anyone wants to check it out! And if anybody happens to be looking for work anytime soon, we could always use more people.

Have a great Valentine's Day, everyone. Come give us a look if you have time, okay?
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Has anyone ever done something they didn't know they could do? I mean, not even something they were trying to do, but a weird new thing that just kind of happened out of nowhere.

I guess I'm still getting the hang of this memory loss thing....

[/filtered to Dave Strider]

Hey, Dave? Do you have a minute? There's something I need to ask you about....
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[Anyone who happens into the library will find a large research table along the windows completely coated in newspapers, magazines, atlases and books on local history, and sprawled in a chair before all of it is a thin, bespectacled young man in an orange sweater and faded jeans who is definitely not reading any of them at the moment. Gordon growls quietly as he plucks off his glasses and presses the heels of his hands into his eyes.]

Rrrgh, dammit... Nothing. What the hell? You'd think SOMETHING would start looking familiar, but no, I may as well be reading these things in Russian or something.

[He lowers his hands and stares at the ceiling for a moment.]

...I don't speak Russian, do I? Christ, that statement's going to sound really stupid in hindsight if I do.

[A few more futile and frustrating hours later, he's out of the library and at a place where he can blow off some steam; a bar near the Ermis Apartments.]

AHAHAHAH, GOTCHA! Who's the predating subspecies NOW, bitch?! Ohohoh what's this? More of those fat fucks that blow up into a dozen little ones! Allow me to cut your gestation time short! EAT GRENADES!

[His beer sits forgotten on a nearby table while he manically fires a little plastic gun at the screen of one of those violent zombie-saturated video games that occasionally find themselves in bars. He's gleefully swearing up a storm, and it's worth mentioning that for a high-difficulty quarter-muncher it has yet to actually see a game-over screen.]
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If I may have your attention for just a moment, please, I'd like to announce that the training center I've been working on is now open for business. If you ever need a place where you wish to practice your combat skills, you can come here.

[At this point, Ky gives the address, monthly subscription fee (with a special deal for those who sign up within the first month), and hours.]

I feel fortunate that I could open it at this time, considering what's been going on in the city as of late. We can never be too prepared for anything. Just please, exercise caution, and if you feel like you can't win, then withdraw. Lost pride can be restored; a lost life cannot.
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[Well there's all sorts of people who find themselves in Sirocco with out a scrap of memory to figure things out. However, one probably did not expect to see a Pince-nez set on a bill, or a Duck in a nice top hat]

Well, this is certainly a grand little 'phone'! Too bad 'tis all I got of note. So now that this thin's on. A-hem! I am Scrooge, and I seem to be sufferin' from some sort of amnesia, so those lads at the lab say.

[...That's quite a scottish burr right there]

Does anyone know where exactly this Sirocco is or why we are stuck here?
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[It's not often that Jaime uses the video function, if at all, but when he does? He seems pretty darn ticked off about something:]

So I WAS going to ask if people had experience with technology - specifically futuristic or alien tech - but I think I'll have to put that one on the backburner. Guys? Quick question here: say you remembered you were dating someone.

But you're not sure if you even wanted to date this someone in the first place. How the heck would you even go about it? Break it up? Pretend it doesn't exist? Try to block it out with those weird blue-things I saw about a week ago?

... Seriously. Those weird things are actually just as scary as this memory. I hear they're out and about, so be careful, and y'all? If you run into 'em, just run and get the crap outta there.

[action, private to Booster]

[There's a rather loud knock on Booster's door. Jaime's not too sure if he came at a bad time, even though he sent a couple of messages in advance, but... he figured news like this should be said aloud.]

[ooc | 3% memory regain! Jaime remembers most of the events of Infinite Crisis (which, for the sake of this post, boils down to "Booster kidnapped Jaime from his bedroom in the middle of the night") as well as some of the events in the second issue of Blue Beetle.

(He also remembers what the Scarab is and that it talks to him, but he's been pretty quiet about that.)]
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[ A new video starts, which surprises none, except that a strange white haired, red eyed girl dressed with this appears on the screen.

And, of course, she doesn't seem to happy about this. ]

Such disgrace, to think that it comes to suffer the same that all of you..! I want information about how to get my memories faster. Is that clear?! [ She crosses her arms under her chest, her anger still present. ] My name is Satan so you better remember it, understood?!

[ With a loud yell, she ends the feed. For those curious, she's still walking to the Suites and pissed off. ]
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[Rudolph appears, his face a little too close to the camera, grinning like a giddy school boy]

I just remembered something! I'm a Physician! I can help anyone who gets hurt, I seem to remember I did a lot of field work, so... I can be a medic for any of the exploration trips that go out as well.

((1% on his medical career))


Jan. 21st, 2012 12:07 am
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[Video post, but not of Rin!]

[She's lying on the roof of the apartments, as she is known to do occasionally. The PDA is lying on the roof as well, so the view is of the partly-cloudy sky above.]

Painting harder than I remembered. I'll have to think about that. Probably something wrong with my brain.

I've noticed that people usually only like to post really important things. I think it's just as important to think about things that don't matter at all every now and then. If you ask the big, serious questions all the time, you might forget how to think small.

When you get dressed in the morning, which sock do you put on first? I think most people probably always put them on in the same order, whether they notice it or not. I do left, then right.
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WHO: Ky, Jaime, Yuta.
WHERE: Some Grecian style ruins.
WHAT: Within the ruins of a great civilization, something horrible has claimed it as home...
WHEN: January 20
TOTAL GAINS: 3% Anemoi per person; 1 pet moogle; a metric ton of mental scars.

Just when you thought it was safe to raid a temple...

Note: As of this log, more Onis are going to be reported as sighted in various ruins around the area. You may or may not choose to play out some of these scenarios yourself.
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[Booster's been in Sirocco more than long enough to have a favorite coffee shop, and it's definitely a place he can frequently be spotted. So frequently, in fact, that one might wonder if he's trying to figure out how much caffeine it takes to kill a person firsthand. So it's probably not terribly surprising to spot him dozing off at a corner table, though it's anyone's guess if it's Vriska's doing or just too little sleep and too much coffee catching up with him.

He suddenly jolts awake with a strangled yell, looking around wildly for a moment before he apparently realizes where he is and calms down a little, though he certainly still doesn't look happy about it. No wonder he goes so heavy on the coffee.

[video; filtered to JLS members]

You all noticed the job about penguin marauders with an eye for expensive fish or whatever it was on the recent job board, right? Any volunteers for taking care of that?
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He stumbles into the hallway, his little brother holding onto the sleeve of his pajama shirt. )


[Having procured himself a red winter coat and a pair of heavy white gloves, he's up on a roof, helping to shovel the snow off.]

[Or... well, he's supposed to be.]

[But he's currently pecking off unsuspecting pedestrians with snowballs.]


[He stares at the camera for a moment. And no, he's not sitting in the dark place so the slight redness of his eyes is harder to see, nope.]

'Bout time I got something more informative.

[And then the feed ends.]

[Memories: 1% spent on watching Hohenheim in his study, 3% spent on Resembool, the Elric house, the Rockbells, and Hohehheim leaving. 4% remaining.]


Jan. 10th, 2012 08:58 pm
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[of the inside of Palom's mouth]

Look!  All that gross mucus-y stuff is gone!  I'm finally better now!  [Not that anyone could really tell he was sick; his volume only decreased like a half notch even with a sore throat]  Wanna see up my nose?  I've always wanted to know what it looked like but it's kinda hard to tell with just a mirror and a light.  Oh maybe you guys can play me back the video of my nose later so I can see inside myself that'd be really cool OK wait hold on I hafta take a deep breath so I don't accidentally sneeze in the middle or something I'm still a little bit



..........Well now there's snot everywhere.  Gross.

Anyway!  I remembered a lot of cool stuff!  I'm from Mysidia!  It's a city of mages!  And I'm the youngest one, but I know like, almost all of the black magic spells already cause I'm a prodigy!  Toldja I was!  Everyone was jealous of me and Porom 'cause the Elder took care of us and taught us himself and we knew the most, but also 'cause I was way better at casting magic than they were.

Oh!  And I remembered something else!  We were all mages because we were protecting this thing called the Crystal of Water.  I don't know what it does but I bet it was really important.
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So I remembered some stuff just now--about time! Turns out, I can do stuff like this! [Rex transforms his entire arm into this. Thank goodness he's at least outside, or else some poor building would end up taking damage.]

That's what nanites'll do for ya! The bad part is, though, that where I'm from, everything's infected with them that apparently turn all sorts of people and stuff into giant rampaging monsters--EVOs. [Rex's arm returns to its original form, and he looks a bit more serious.]

Any of that sound familiar to anyone else? Are we gonna have to deal with nanites and EVOs on the rampage here too?

[video - locked to Jr.]

Hey, Jr.! Remember our agreement?

[He holds up a set of finished blueprints to the camera for Jr to see.]

I think it's time to start thinking about what we're actually gonna do to that thing.

((OOC: 1% on the basics of the nanite event and his own powers. 1% total memory regain, 4% remaining.))

fourth hop

Jan. 7th, 2012 02:55 pm
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Cut for childhood trauma. )


[Huh, looks like Barnaby's been a little busy. There's something...different about him today, though. It's like he just remembered something particularly unpleasant, something that may destroy him, if given enough time.

He's also just finished drawing something. He's holding a piece of paper in his hand, studying it like he's searching for something in it.

It's a while before he speaks, his attention turning to the PDA.]

Does anyone know what this is?

[He holds up the piece of paper. It has this symbol on it, though a few details are slightly off. Hey, he's working from memory here.]

I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me anything about this.


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