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[It started with a mild headache. He thought at first that it might just be your regular, run of the mill headache; it was certainly loud enough with all the monsters to warrant one.

But that all changed when the fire nation attacked using his power resulted in something slightly... different. Namely, the chunk of falling debris coming out as something a bit more akin to a box of compacted material.

Which was... a dilemma, since now he couldn't exactly protect people by simply isolating them anymore. But that wasn't quite the end of it.

No, the worst part is the appearance of a giant, white-furred monster sporting some very nasty fangs, huge bat like wings, and a trademark pompom. And Yuta's pretty sure he knows the one moogle in town, meaning...

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[Video broadcast]

[Gordon fidgets slightly in front of the camera, running a hand through his hair before he even speaks. He always hated doing this.]

Attention, Sirocco. It seems some... things have been suddenly popping out of nowhere in the town. Justice League members are already mobilized and trying to fight these creatures back as soon as they appear. Others who want to fight along with them are welcome to do so, but please be advised these mutants--or whatever they are--are extremely dangerous.

But in order to really stop them, I believe it's vital to first rind out what these things ARE and where they're coming from. If they look familiar to anyone, or if you happen to find a tissue sample of a downed creature, bring it into the Labs to be studied. Then maybe we can figure out what the hell's going on around here.

[Video, to Mordin]

Hey Mordin. You wouldn't happen to know a really good biologist I could bring in to help us out in this, would you?


[The Labs are in a productive uproar again, men in labcoats scrambling to keep up with one another. If you happen to be one of the ones bringing in a monster part--err, "sample," you'll find Gordon and a few others, willing to take it off your hands... some of the wimpier ones donning gloves and a mask first, of course.]
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...It's probably bad when you think it's weird to remember something so... so normal, huh?

Looks like my family was rich, because I remember going to our snow lodge with some friends and playing through the murder mystery. The key clue ended up being a cat - or two of them, actually. One of my friends brought his pet cat with him, and the one organizing it brought another that looked almost exactly like him. It was fun, though.

[A pause. This memory just... isn't sitting well with him.]

...In a way it was weird, though. I remember talking kind of strangely. And I don't think any of those people were Comrades like me, but somehow I was still friends with a bunch of high schoolers. That, and...

There's no way my dad would have let me have anything to do with any of the family property. So what happened...?
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[The video feed clicks on to reveal a relieved John. He's surprised that he found it so quickly. This kid makes losing communication devices into a fine art form. He's actually lucky it was still in his room and not flung haphazardly out a window. The angle is a bit strange though, as he seems to be in the process of pulling the communicater out from the depths of his closet.]

Finally! I thought I'd lost this thing.

[Leaving it on, he moves to sit down on his bed.]

Hi guys! I haven't checked out the network in a few days now. Did I miss anything cool?
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[On one hand, Yuta was smart enough to figure he probably shouldn't leave his room too much today for the sake of his sanity!

On the other, he totally forgot he left his phone on because it's just no fun otherwise. The video portion is pointed at the ceiling, but it's not that hard to make out what Yuta's saying. After all, no point in fighting the urge to talk if no one's around to hear, right?

Just what the heck was up with that memory? It was so weird, it had to be a dream. Dead rabbits and people turning into plants?

...Ugh. Talk about a troublesome guy. And he tried so hard to kill his own daughter and son...


Even I couldn't kill anybody in the end. And it's better that way.

[There's a creaking and a thud. Sounds like he just flopped on his bed.]

I can't stop thinking about that stupid Taisuke either. Geeze! It felt safer when I was with him, but I can take care of myself here just fine.


Hope he's okay, back at home. It was a long time ago, but if there's still Comrades like me around, there might have been others still trying to attack him...

((OOC: 10% on the rabbit illusion incident.))
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[Yuuta's in a foul mood today. It's pretty obvious, both from his expression and his actions. The minute he comes across anyone dressed in a wacky costume spouting some super villain nonsense, he immediately isolates them and puts in yet another call to get them into the hands of more capable authorities.

Geeze. It's bad enough the villains are still coming, but getting those stupid memories back on top of it? Today's just not his day.

These guys just won't quit! Hasn't anyone figured out a way to stop them yet?

((OOC: 10% on his first appearance and the beginning of his journey with Taisuke.))
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[ Today, Irisviel can be found wearing some nice kimonos for the screen. It seems someone went up shopping before and bought many of them. Perhaps the Japanese-style house around here is what she convinced her at the end or it is just Irisviel being Irisviel.

She gives the camera a smile when she looks at it. ]

I'm so happy that they were in sale! I could bought many to share. Aren't they really nice to wear? I think this is my first time wearing something like this. It matches with the house, right? [ *SOBS* SHE'S LIKE A CHILD LET HER BE. ]

Though when I was buying them, some strange man tried to break into the store. It was strange, dressing and talking in such ways I didn't fully understand. [ No Iri, crazy bad guys that are not Kotomine are strange for you. ] Hopefully, I could use something I last remembered!

I remembered part of my magic! Now I can be of help with it in the battles around here. [ Irisviel extends her arm and shows a strange bird much smaller than that one that comes to rest on it. ] I keep practicing it to improve it, so I will do my best to assist in the battlefield now.

[ And then, a black smoke appears on the screen. Irisviel quickly looks horrified before standing up and going to the kitchen, shouting something about the food she was preparing. The feed goes for a bit more before ending. ]
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heeeeeyyyyy ne1 wanna c somthing awsom????
if u do.........
AND U DO!!!!!!
go 2 the park and look 4 me
ill b wating~~~ :)

((Translation: "Hey, anyone want to see something awesome? If you do... and you do! Go to the park and look for me, the amazing super talented Relm! I'll be waiting!"
Relm has remembered her Sketch ability! When successful, this lets her draw a copy of her target and use one of their abilities as if it were her own. For RP funtimes, I'm going to say that Relm can use an ability her target hasn't remembered yet, provided it's okay with the character/mun in question.
Just let me know what she can use when she Sketches her target!
Also, I should clarify: if your character shows up in the park, this will be action, so no more eye-watering rainbow text. Promise.))
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Okay, so, lemme get this straight.

I don't know where I am, I don't know who I am, and I'm supposed to just sit here in this nice stupid room and ...what?

Just deal?

No. Nope, I'm outie, yo. This place can't hold me in and it sure isn't givin' me the answers I want.

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This didn't happen. Except it did. )


*Hiroshi wakes with a start. It's not terror he feels this time, though, but... confusion?*

What... the hell was that?


*He seems slightly ill at ease about something. Which is interesting, because he usually at least PRETENDS to be stoic. Not this time, though.*

Hey, uh... This is sort of a weird question, but has anybody else ever remembered anything that seemed kind of... contradictory? I mean, memories aren't exactly reliable anyway, right? Maybe we remember dreams on accident too. It's a possibility, right?

*What is he going ON about?*

((OOC: 4% on the entirety of Ao Oni. 5.0. As in the one where everybody LIVES.))
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[It happens in the middle of a nice, sunny day. Everyone is relaxing, everyone is enjoying themselves. Not Danny, though. Because while he was in his room alone, he remembered a certain something and miraculously, mysteriously transformed into something else. And the second he fully registers the implications of this, he bursts out of his room and runs down the staircase, feeling his heart beating heavy in his chest--beating!

He tears out of the apartments and outside, into the nice weather, and lets loose an unholy scream that can be heard through the phone broadcasts, as well as throughout the entire Ermis Suites and beyond.]


((OOC: Just a precautionary note: Danny's alter ego appearances run on Clark Kenting, so uh. Although it may seem like it, it shouldn't be immediately obvious that Danny in his human form is Danny in his ghost form.

2% on remembering the aftermath of the portal incident, as well as discovering his ghost powers during the first month afterwards. 21.1% total regain, 3.4% remaining.))
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Who: Karkat Vantas, Rudolph van Richten, Rin Tezuka, Karkat Vantas, Danny Phantom, Yuta Takizawa, Karkat Vantas, Booster Gold, Mokona, Karkat Vantas, Dave Strider, Vriska Serket, Scrooge McDuck, Karkat Vantas, Shen, Gordon Freeman, Tsuruya, and Karkat Vantas
What: Cross-temporal real-time chatting gone horribly, horribly wrong.
When: Starting shortly before Rayquaza's appearance, thereabouts.
Where: A chat client, with some implied Danny's room

* CURRENT_carcinoGeneticist was kicked by FUTURE_carcinoGeneticist
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How do you report vandalism? Especially if you know who did it.

[It's worth noting that in what can be seen of the background, Yuta's room appears to be covered in... paint. Lots and lots of paint. Also, words. Is that "ugly" in lime green back there?]
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[Rudolph had been keeping to the bookshops, the remains of the main library, the more intact branches and what's left of museums since the Onis disappeared, often accompanied by a certain young man, pouring over what they can find, jotting notes and obviously discussing Important Things.

After a while, Rudolph Van Richten can be seen on the phones, while Hiroshi can be seen in the background examining the spines of books]

Ah, Good Afternoon - this is Dr. Van Richten, could you kindly do Hiroshi and myself a favor? We were going over the libraries and museums of Sirocco and found many of them very lacking in information about the various beasts we've seen.

What I would like is that those who do remember these monsters - could you be so kind as to come to the 2nd Library Branch and consent to an interview?


[You're here for the interview. Van Richten can be seen sitting at one of the larger tables with pen and paper ready. Several books are on the table. Hiroshi is nearby with a few books open, going from one to another, and occasionally can be seen furiously scribbling something down - occasionally pausing to stare at something in disbelief before continuing on.

Do you speak to the Doctor, or the Student?]

((ooc: for the record. Rudolph has 1% on lockpick, 1% on Draconic language, 1% on hide-in-shadows, 1% on detecting traps, and 1% on the Ezra faith, so 6% total regain.

State in the subject line if you want to talk with Hiroshi or Rudolph as this is a joint post))
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[If your character is braving the streets today, they may suddenly find themselves running into what can only be described as a wall of air. There is nothing that would visually give it away, but for some reason trying to pass through it does nothing. Thankfully, it doesn't hurt or anything to run into it - there isn't any real substance there, after all.]

[Video; Evening]

Hey. I've been wondering for a while... How many people remember where they're from? I know I'm from Japan and we've got someone from America.

I guess I'm just curious.

((OOC: 8% spent on the raid on the base and the oil rig. No details on the people he was with at the time, or why.))


Feb. 28th, 2012 01:51 am
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I remembered my home.

[Close-up of an incredibly realistic painting done of a small, sleepy looking hamlet. There are people milling about, almost seeming to move within the picture. At the far end of the painting is a small house that seems to stand out in some way, though it isn't clear why. Perhaps more detail and attention were paid to this little home, for some reason.]

It's a super boring place. I'm better off here!

[There is a sadness in her voice that can't be totally hidden, no matter how much she tries.]

It's called Thamasa. And everyone there could use magic, but we weren't supposed to. I can't remember why. Probably 'cause some stupid old guy was in charge and didn't want anyone to have any fun. But you can't keep talent like mine silent! I painted all the time anyway, and made all kinds of fun stuff happen, and they couldn't stop me because I'm so awesome and adorable and talented.

[She paints a few more things, adding small details until she's satisfied.]

Stupid, boring old town. At least here I can use my magic and no one yells at me.
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I think...I actually remember being alive now! Although, I guess it's a little weird, since this is the first time I've remembered ever...well, breathing, or anything else like that. But I also know where I'm from now!

Anyone ever hear of Amity Park? It's in Illinois, if that helps. It's pretty well-known for having lots of ghosts and being haunted and all sorts of stuff like that.

Huh, that would explain why my parents were ghost hunters, wouldn't it?

((OOC: 1% on his parents' work. 2% on random details about Amity Park and his world in general. 2% on general life stuff from age 6-10. 2% on high school stuff, pre-portal. 19.1% total memory regain. 1.4% remaining.))
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Discovery )

[It is still 5 o'clock in the morning.  Sucks to be you if you're not awake.]

Guys!!!!  Hiroshi's gone!!!

He left me this stupid note, and it says 'Dear Palom, I am a stupid moron and I decided to go do this all by myself and get trapped with a bunch of stupid blue ogres for the next kajillion years because I am a stupid moron and stupid morons go off by themselves in the middle of the night to get killed and eaten also feed the dumb octopus.'

Hurry up, don't tell me you guys turn these things off when you're asleep, we have to go find him!

.........Fine, I'll wake you all up myself!

[Sucks to be you even more.  Practically every apartment is subjected to incoherent high-pitched ranting and pounding.]

Plan B?

Feb. 17th, 2012 01:29 pm
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Who: Hiroshi, Dave Strider, Supernova, Rudy, and any and all interested parties. Justice League members also welcome.
When: Shortly after the intervention at the hill.
Where: Justice League Building
What: Perhaps the situation isn't as futile as initially thought.
Note: Details contributing to the final plot log will show up in this one.

The fat lady hasn't sung yet. )


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