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[Early in the day, Action]

[Walking down the street doing god knows what, Isaac and Miria suddenly stop. They stare into each other's eyes for a long moment before grabbing each other and wailing.]



[What a scene that they're causing with the crying. Also blocking traffic of all kinds with this display. Find out what's going on to solve the problem? Y/N?]

[Later in the day, PSA]

Good news, everybody!
Yeah! Thanksgiving is coming soon!
Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, so we're planning a specatcular heist, just for you!
We won't give you all the details, it's no fun that way!
But we will be taking all the unthankful things from you!

[And the video cuts off there, leaving everything annoyingly vague and their laughter echoing after them. Somehow. Try and convince them to talk?]

[[OOC: Memories of each other and that they are thieves. - 2% each]]
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The area just outside the hotel is a memorable area, if only due to the frequency one sees it. On one corner of the intersection is the hotel itself. Across the street houses the Public Gardens. Across the other street, shops. The fourth corner, rarely mentioned, is a small park the size of a thin city block. Overlooking the intersection is a statue of some now-unknown local hero.

Tonight, however, it is a different statue. Now it is a classic, a man sitting down looking thoughtful, resting his chin in his hand. Under the statue is a plaque:


[[OOC: In layman's terms, have characters who are curious comment here and you'll find out what happens at the appointed time.]]
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I see a few people have remembered their full names... but...

Has anyone remembered having a name entirely different from the one they woke up with? The name I remembered when I arrived in Sirocco is 'Lyon'... but I was given the name 'Mismar' as a child. Er, as far as I can tell, at least. There must be a reason I remembered one rather than the other... I wish I knew what that reason was, though.

[Lyon sighs deeply, obviously troubled by this... but after a moment, she shakes her head and smiles into the camera.]

I did remember something else, though! Something nice and a lot less confusing. I'm a knight back home -- er, a knight apprentice, actually -- and a bodyguard for... someone important, I think. But it explains the armor and weapon I've had with me! Just... not my name, or... [She trails off and looks down at her left hand, which is conveniently off-camera.] Not even the tattoo.
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Just how often do people remember things in pieces? Has anyone been able to recall a full memory, without any gaps?

The first thing I've been able to remember since arriving here... I can see the scene clearly, and I can hear a person talking to me... [Saying things that warm her heart, that seem to soothe a deep aching she wasn't really aware of until now. But she's not going to tell anyone else that.] But I can't remember this person's face, or their voice. It's like I'm talking to a shadow, and it's talking back through an audio filter... [Mami sighs. It's difficult talking about this, but at the same time, it's... nice? The memory is making her heart ache more and more whenever she thinks about it, so she needs to get it out somehow. And also...]

Also... has anyone ever heard of a "puella magi"?

((1% spent on the conversation prior to and the promise Madoka made to become her puella magi partner. Doesn't remember who exactly she was talking to, though.))
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[It comes when you are not expecting it. It happens after a long pause in which Danny halts, trying to process something that's just bubbled up to the surface of his mind. It takes place when you are trying to go about your daily life and are not wearing any sort of protective ear-wear, no matter where you are in the apartment building or what volume setting you have on your phone-communicator-thingamabob.]


((OOC: 2.1% on his last name and the portal accident that turned him into a half-ghost. 0.5% remaining. 3.5% total memory regain.))
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☆ Video
[ Does Madoka look nervous? Good. Because she is. With a nervous smile that keeps trying to run off her face and unable to look straight ahead. She hesitates before finally deciding what to say, how to say it, and that she's brave enough to talk. ]

I- um.
My name is Madoka. Um... I just got here. I don't remember much else but uh I guess that's the point... I'm not sure how much of a help I'll be to everyone but I'll try.... I don't remember having any specific talents, though... so I don't know how much good I'll be at a job here or... anything else...

[ She sighs. The more she talks the more pathetic she feels. ]

But um! Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to say hello! And um... I'll do my best so... If you need anything... if you need anything, then please let me know! Th-thank you for your time!

[ and the feed cuts out. ]


Oct. 7th, 2011 11:41 am
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You know, Mokona isn't the only Mokona in the world, since she grew up with another Mokona! Mokona and Mokona were raised by a guy who lived in a big house and a woman who lived in super cool shop. They liked each other very much, and liked to be drunk and argue almost as much.

Mokona's full name is Mokona Modoki, which means "Mock Mokona". Mokona Modoki is the name of Mokona's friend, too, so there must be other kinds of Mokona we've never met. Since Mokona and the other Mokona are "Modoki", there must be a difference.

Mokona has lots of special tricks, but she hasn't remembered them all yet. Maybe Mokona who are "Modoki" and Mokona who are not "Modoki" can do different things.
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What would you do if you aren't the person you thought you'd be at all?


((OOC: 0.9% on part of 'Million-Dollar Ghost' and 0.5% on 'Prisoners of Love.' 1.4% total memory regained. 0.6% remaining. SHut up, I didn't edit the memory regain after I posted this, you saw NOTHING.))
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Well I'm bored, and just slouching around town isn't going to solve anything.

Who wants to go help me find magic memory gems? C'mon, by working together I bet we can get a ton of them!

[ 01 ]

Sep. 28th, 2011 04:24 pm
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[ The camera focuses on the ground for a second before Homura adjusts it to focus on her face. She looks blankly into it before a bit of curiosity edges its way into her expression. Her voice is quiet but audible. ]

I don't know anything. ... all I can do is believe what I am told.

How did I get here?

What really is this place?

Who am I?

I have a lot of questions with no answers. All I can do is listen to what these people tell me, and believe.

I think that my name is Homura. It is a pleasure to meet you all. I am new here. [ She bows deeply. ] ... I don't know where I learned to bow, how to speak, or where this name comes from. I simply know it, perhaps as well as I know how to breathe. It's a peculiar thing, but I have no choice but to accept it. It feels like the truth.

... I have a few questions for anyone listening. For anyone who has the time to answer.

Who are you?

Do you have any theories on what this place is?

And... do you want to remember?
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Hey, uh. Did anybody else remember anything?


The very first memories I get are of a pet cat. Then, THAT SAME DAY, said cat shows up in my apartment. "Coincidence" doesn't even begin to cover this. This had to have been deliberate. They thought I'd need these memories so I could take care of the cat without confusing him by calling him another name.

...Or I could just be overthinking it. I do seem like I have that tendency.

[Kyon is in the living room of his and Danny's apartment. A calico is perched on his lap and purring contentedly as Kyon strokes him.]

Oh. Whoops. One more thing.

...I wonder if me forgetting that was just a lapse in short-term memory or this place at work.

No. Wait. Stop. Okay. I'm just. Making myself paranoid now.

[Audio - Filtered to Danny]

Hey, Danny? You...won't have a problem with a cat in our apartment, will you?

✿ 001

Sep. 24th, 2011 08:43 pm
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[It's a little confusing to wake up in a strange town, your memories almost completely erased... and then a theme park springs up, seemingly out of nowhere, as if to celebrate your arrival. Yeah, that's definitely not normal.]

Am I the only one who finds all of this a little... um, weird?

[Lyon's taking it all in stride, though. Amusement parks are a foreign concept to her, but it's fun to experience new things, right? The food doesn't look too bad, though the cotton candy is especially delicious. The games are fun; she wouldn't mind winning one of those cute stuffed animals to bring home. And the rides... well... she just stares up at those uncertainly, like she wants to try them out but can't decide if it's a good idea or not.]
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[A man with curly white hair and bored-looking eyes, wearing a white kimono hanging off one shoulder and black high-collar shirt and black pants and boots, leaves the Lab with his new smartphone, fiddling with it and turning it on when all of the sudden--]

. . .

I can smell dog breath.

Why do I smell-- Oh, my head's inside of something's mouth. That would explain the lack of light, and also the teeth digging into my shoulders.

Wait... Why dog breath? Dogs aren't this big. Not even wolves are this big, or this heavy. Eh? What is this? This can't be a dog.

[After another pause, he screams bloody murder.

The connection cuts out.

...But later that same day, Gintoki can be seen running through the theme park, followed close behind by a gigantic 660 pound, 5 1/2 feet tall white fuzzy dog, tongue flying out its mouth and white tail swishing behind it like it's having the best time of its life.

The man is not.]


[He tries hiding behind tents and booths but the thing always finds him, giving a cute little "BARK" whenever he catches up. Gintoki will likely run out of steam after a couple hours and just give up trying to escape, at which point he simply continues wandering the theme park, large dog following behind him like it's afraid to let him out of its sight.

The man seems to be trying out all the games and trying all the food as if searching for something. He stands in front of the rollercoasters and watches people riding them, but doesn't get on, himself.]
. . .

[[ OOC NOTE:: dunno what I was thinking not saying something when I was first posting this haha-- JUST FYI, this big dog is basically a huge...dog in every way, and it has a hobby of eating peoples' heads and arms and things sometimes sort of. You are all its chew toys. The characters in Gintama are never permanently harmed due to it, but if your character is a meatier, stronger type, Sadaharu might play rougher because YOU CAN PUT UP WITH SOME BLOOD LOSS AND DEAL, RIGHT? RIGHT? So, small children and people who can't deal with extremely strong and rowdy pets might want to keep a short physical distance - that doesn't mean you shouldn't tag though~! Gintoki can keep him at bay for ya as long as you keep yer head on.]]
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[Somewhere nearby, assuming you are in the amusement park, a crash. Suspicious noise to hear in a mysterious magical temporary park, perhaps? But a quick look around just shows an imploded concessions stand.

In the center of it, lying on and partially covered with rubble, shifting very quickly from a bewildered expression to a bored, vaguely annoyed one, is a man.]

...That felt like a landing. I wonder if I was in the air? Nothing seems to be coming back to me...

Hey. You. I have a very important question: did I have to pay for a ticket to be here? I don't seem to have one.

[Let's just play the real things we're wondering about close to the chest.]
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[An amusement park was an entirely foreign concept to Rozalin. She made her way there and is now standing in a bizarre awe at the sights as well as questioning everything.]

This is just simply amazing! These things are strange. As well as loud with strange scents. Also, what exactly is this "Iron Dragon"? It certainly does not look like a dragon.


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