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[Shampoo pops up from the bottom of the camera with a wide smile stuck on her face. It's a bit of a surprise to see her with make-up on and in a Mandarin Gown instead of her normal martial art outfit but it's no surprise when you see the background. Behind her, the small building with the sign Cat Cafe has a banner with the words GRAND OPENING and balloons in front.

She closes her fan with a flick of her wrist and points directly at the camera.]

Nǐ hǎo ma? Are you hungry for the best noodle dishes? Fried rice with shrimp? Wonton soup or chicken feet? Szechuan mapo tofu or Hong Kong style congee?

Then lái-lái, lái-lái! Come in to Cat Cafe! Come in! Our doors are open! Where the chef and workers are pretty to look at and food tastes delicious. Today's grand opening so all prices are half off!


[It's a bit mind-boggling to see how many people came and stop by to the small building. The lines are thankfully short but tables are packed, forcing some groups of people to sit with strangers they might not know.

The 17 year old girl is running around taking orders and serving food but the majority of the time, she's in the back kitchen putting on a small cooking show. With fire and throwing knives! Best duck when one of them comes flying a bit too close to your personal space.

((ooc: A mix-and-mingle post, feel free to tag other people in the restaurant. In addition, Barnaby gets 2% for his pay.))


Mar. 10th, 2012 01:47 pm
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It's a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining, the snow has melted. Birds are singing, the townspeople are out conducting their business in a manner so cheerful as to threaten an oncoming musical number, and a Peacock is on the lawn of the Ermis Suites, practicing a rather scary-looking variant of kung fu.

Wait, what?

Yes, anyone passing by or looking out their window at the right time will see a white and red and black shape whirling and and flipping and leaping about, guan dao wielded expertly in his wing tips. He kicks and pivots and lunges and steps, half dance, half kata, metal talons shredding the remains of last year's grass, polearm whistling through the air in bright arcs of reflected sunlight. He occasionally flicks his tail open with almost terrifying speed, whirling, ducking, snapping it shut, bringing the polearm around in a series of twirling, leaping circles.

Eventually he comes to a stop, panting and blowing, leaning against the shaft of the guan dao, the blade of which is planted in the dirt.

((2% spent on pure muscle memory recalling a good deal of his kung fu training))


Feb. 25th, 2012 03:10 am
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Shen has been poking and prodding at the screen of this phone for a while, now, and is just about getting the hang of it when he curiously pokes the communicate app. Whups.

Your screen shows you the typical ceiling of an apartment. They do all look alike, after all, it could be anyone's ceiling. However, then the view is tilted and well, shit, the place is being overrun with avians, it seems, because here's YET ANOTHER TALKING BIRD.

... Admittedly, a very pretty talking bird. This fellow resembles nothing more than a white peacock with red and black added as an afterthought and sounds like his CV might include at least eight years at RADA. If... talking birds have CVs. Or attend RADA. You never know. He's wearing white and grey silk robes.

"Well, now at least I know what this one does..." he muses. There's a pause, and then he resumes talking. "Oh, yes." He picks up a sheet of paper with one wing and blinks at it. "'Don't forget to introduce yourself to the community.' Don't forget, indeed. I suppose that's their idea of humour." He drops the paper. "Well, then. My name is Shen and..." Blinkblink. "That's all, I'm afraid." His eyes move rather a lot, one might notice. "At least I know I'm not alone in this detestable condition," he finishes in a rueful mutter.

((Whups, forgot this bit...))
He shifts uncomfortably, reaches into a sleeve, and produces a shiny, feather-shaped throwing knife, which he eyes dubiously before tossing it aside where it hits something offscreen with a clattery metallic sound, as though it's simply landed in a pile of similar items. "Another one... why in the world would I have these in my feathers?"


Say hello to the pretty birdie?
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Who: Hiroshi, Palom, Gordon Freeman, Shampoo, Dave Strider, Rudy
What: The Finale of the Ao Oni Plot.
When: Shortly after Hiroshi runs off attempting to resolve the situation himself.
Where: A large, spooky mansion. Of course.
Notes: As of this log, all Onis are officially flushed out of Sirocco for good. Should someone feel like it, they may still on occasion appear in normal mission logs, but they are effectively no longer an issue in Sirocco itself.

The resolution of a long nightmare. )

And then the cavalry arrived.
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Discovery )

[It is still 5 o'clock in the morning.  Sucks to be you if you're not awake.]

Guys!!!!  Hiroshi's gone!!!

He left me this stupid note, and it says 'Dear Palom, I am a stupid moron and I decided to go do this all by myself and get trapped with a bunch of stupid blue ogres for the next kajillion years because I am a stupid moron and stupid morons go off by themselves in the middle of the night to get killed and eaten also feed the dumb octopus.'

Hurry up, don't tell me you guys turn these things off when you're asleep, we have to go find him!

.........Fine, I'll wake you all up myself!

[Sucks to be you even more.  Practically every apartment is subjected to incoherent high-pitched ranting and pounding.]


Feb. 16th, 2012 10:19 pm
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[Months in the future, but not many...

It all went wrong six months ago, when Hiroshi tried to banish the oni. It didn't work as expected. In fact it did the exact opposite. The rod only effected maybe one person in ten, but that was more than enough. Each effected person had exploded, revealing a fully formed, blue, mindless killing machine. Within a week, half the city was dead or worse, the rest running for their lives. Now Sirocco is in burning ruins, with oni wandering the streets, chasing and killing anyone they come across.

The last survivors are holed up in the laboratory at the heart of the city. The oni haven't managed to find a way in quite yet, but it's only a matter of time.

Dave abruptly stands up from where he had been sitting in the corner, getting some rest.]

That's it. I give. This is a lost cause.

[ooc: Just as described, this is in the future. However, it's not the only future. This is a splinter timeline, and none of the events leading up to this are actually going to happen after the Ao Oni plot is resolved. To that end, when tagging this feel free to make up various horrible or heroic things that have happened over the last few months. The vast majority of the game's cast are probably dead or turned to Oni by this point, so if you don't tag here, it's likely you're dead.

Again, these events will not come to pass and have no effect on the game outside of this post beyond what Future Dave and Supernova remember.]
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[In one of the lobbies, that duck can be seen scouring over the want ads of local newspapers]

Eh, course no one's lookin' fer help with 'em blasted blue things about... but least I got an inklin' which ones will need a fella willing to put in some elbow grease when it's over.


I see that sentimental dribble is contagious here. Bah, is it really romantic to do that nonsense on a day set aside for it? Waste of time I say.

But still...

[he trails off, looking thoughtful]

Jest don't let it go to your heads kids, it ain't no fairytale.

((1% spent on remembering his Klondike adventures and Glittering Goldie and 1% spent on the arrows of aphroducite fiasco))
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[ This video starts with Irisviel acquiring back her car. Yes, it's a cool Mercedes 300 SL Coupé behind her with a smile.

Which can only lead to one conclusion. ]

Everyone! I remember how to drive a car! I'm offering lessons for everyone, as well as I'm taking jobs to deliver anything. I just stopped a moment to say this. Oh, and Shirou! I'm ready to teach you whenever you wish! Thanks everyone!

[ The video ends.

And the action begins. Allow me to place a gif to show you all why you do not let Irisviel drive a car.

If you happen to be around the town to see her, then you might find Irisviel driving at high speed, riding the curves like a boss in ways that surely will cause someone to have a heart attack. She is so good at this that she's avoiding any BIG collisions, though she's hitting some parts of the car while she drives.

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Who: Dave Strider, Joachim, John Egbert, Ky Kiske, Shampoo,
What: Collecting the Orb of Calem-Sur
Where: A cave full of monsters
Warnings: Violence, swearing

Full log can be found: here.

Details )
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[Either Ike doesn't know about the training center or he doesn't feel he can afford to use it yet, because he's out in the park. He's off the beaten path, in a clear area, wielding a beautiful two-handed sword.

...With one hand.

Other than that, the scene shouldn't look too unusual. The moves that Ike is practicing are all basic sword techniques, because that's all he remembers. Sometimes muscle memory will cause him to do something more complex, but those instances are uncommon.



Feb. 5th, 2012 12:27 am
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Hey, everybody! I've got an announcement to make and a question to ask.

The announcement is that the shop I've been trying to set up will be opening soon! Watch out for it, okay guys? It's going to be named "New Roots." We'll be selling flowers and some produce, and a few other things for anybody who might be interested in gardening. It'll be open on business in a little over a week, on Valentine's Day. So if you want to do something special that day, we'd love to help you out!

And thanks a lot to Mokona and Jaime and Ruby and everybody else who's helped me out with this! I could never had done it without all of you.

Now for the question.

[There's a very slight hesitation before she continues talking, never losing her cheerful attitude.]

Does anyone know how to schedule something with a doctor? For a check-up, or anything like that. I just thought maybe it'd be a good idea to get one. Anyway, that's about it--thanks, everyone, and have a good day!

(2% spent on the nature of her blood, 2% spent on her dad's profession/studies.)
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If I may have your attention for just a moment, please, I'd like to announce that the training center I've been working on is now open for business. If you ever need a place where you wish to practice your combat skills, you can come here.

[At this point, Ky gives the address, monthly subscription fee (with a special deal for those who sign up within the first month), and hours.]

I feel fortunate that I could open it at this time, considering what's been going on in the city as of late. We can never be too prepared for anything. Just please, exercise caution, and if you feel like you can't win, then withdraw. Lost pride can be restored; a lost life cannot.
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*Tsuruya is, as always, cheerful to everybody, but there's a bit of a wistful edge to it as of late. She's been a little quieter too, less boisterous. Still, she's not a moper, and for the most part she keeps herself entertained.

She seems to have remembered her caligraphy lessons; here she is in front of some paper, an ink well and brush at hand. But she seems to be having a bit of writers block. At least, you think that's why she's staring off blankly into the distance. Maybe you can provide the cheerleader some cheerleading of your own.

Or ask if she knows how to write "penis" in calligraphy. You mature person you.*
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[Since her adventures into the forest, new memories of people she fought fluttered through her mind. The girl with the panda that she kissed, the herbalist twins Pink and Link, Mousse... wait, she wasn't supposed to miss her honorary punching bag at all. But she especially missed her family members, especially after a quiet and uneventful new years past.

Even if no one else celebrated, it didn't mean that she had to let the new year start with a whimper. No, she decided that if she really missed the home she currently remembered that much, she should make a piece of it here.

For the past week, Shampoo's been limping in and out of an abandoned building that was clear of that weird infestation of monsters. Well, not necessarily abandoned anymore. Though the paperwork isn't completely finished, the young girl is now the owner of a small two story building! With some muscle power and selective borrowing from nearby abandoned buildings, Shampoo was able to make a relatively decent looking cafe on the first floor along with a cozy kitchen. Pity she had no staff to help out.

Anyone walking south of the Ermis Suites might notice a flyer posted on a telephone pole. A closer look shows an address, some Japanese kanji [猫飯店 - Neko Hanten], and the words:




Those interested can also find her working outside the restaurant fixing chairs or breaking a large wooden board with black inky scribbles in frustration.]

((OOC: .5& on first meeting with female Ranma + Genma Panda, 1.5% on falling into the Spring of Drowned Cat))

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Hey there. I decided that since things have been so boring lately, that I was going to go on a hunt against some of these monsters on my own. [ Because that's smart and safe. ] So far things have been pretty successful, but I've encountered something that.. [ Clearing her throat and with reddening cheeks, she averts her gaze from the device in hand. ] I'm not sure she's-er-they-er-she-ohgeezIdon'tknowhowtoexplainthis!!

[ Turning around the phone, she'll show the "monster" she's come across. A rather enchanting one at that. It seems Rin hasn't been noticed yet as she's able to observe her from a distance. ]

Right, so I think I'm going to attempt to speak with her now. I'll talk to you idiots later.
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WHO: Hiroshi, Dave, Mokona, and Shampoo
WHAT: let's investigate some weird noises, surely nothing bad will happen.
WHEN: 1/17
WHERE: An abandoned park in Sirocco
NOTE: spooky spooky woods, 2% anemoi prize.

Absolutely nothing spooky at all )

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Hey, has anyone seen Kyon around? He's my roommate, but I haven't seen him in a while, and I'm getting kinda worried. Does anyone know if he's okay? It's like he just...vanished, as far as I can tell.

Especially since his cat--I think his name is Shamwow--is starting to get really antsy without him. Anyone know how to take care of a cat?

((OOC: 0.6% on King Tuck, 0.8% on Doctor's Disorders, 0.5% on Teacher of the Year, 0.4% on Fright Knight, 0.4% Attack of the Killer Garage Sale, 0.5% Life Lessons. 3.2% regain, 4.9% remaining.))
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[With a yawn, a sleepy Shampoo tried to wander back from grocery shopping. It was quite strange to her for being this tired. She's pretty sure she gotten the right amount of beauty sleep and it wasn't as if she did anything that would cause her this much fatigue. Walking on will power alone, the Chinese girl made it back to the entrance of the suites. Not inside the building, not right in front either.

Shampoo's mind conked out with her in the middle of the doorway. Funny enough, her body was still standing straight up and holding onto her grocery bags.

Those trying to get in or out through this certain doorway will find her blocking their way. Perhaps a nice or frustrated person would try to wake her up so that she could move aside. But word of warning, she tends to sleepwalk and/or sleepfight.

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[Oh hey look it's this jackass on the video feed again. Anyone familiar with Gilbert and his obnoxious ways will definitely recognize the dumbass with the red eyes and giant grin, whose face is currently taking up the entire camera.]

Heeeeeeey inhabitants of Sirocco! I just realized something! I haven't introduced you all to someone very important!

[The camera zooms out. There is a baby chick on Gilbert's head.]

This is Gilbird! He's almost as awesome as I am, so of course he's named after me. He's also the cutest little bird ever, isn't he?

Piyo piyo!

Kesesese, cutest ever!

((No, he didn't use any of his memories on Gilbird's name. He. Seriously came up with 'Gilbird' again on his own.))
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He stumbles into the hallway, his little brother holding onto the sleeve of his pajama shirt. )


[Having procured himself a red winter coat and a pair of heavy white gloves, he's up on a roof, helping to shovel the snow off.]

[Or... well, he's supposed to be.]

[But he's currently pecking off unsuspecting pedestrians with snowballs.]


[He stares at the camera for a moment. And no, he's not sitting in the dark place so the slight redness of his eyes is harder to see, nope.]

'Bout time I got something more informative.

[And then the feed ends.]

[Memories: 1% spent on watching Hohenheim in his study, 3% spent on Resembool, the Elric house, the Rockbells, and Hohehheim leaving. 4% remaining.]


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