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[A particularly irritated turtle walks the streets of Sirocco. He looks around and sees... ape-like creatures. Nothing but ape-like creatures. A low growl escapes his fangs. Everything seemed too different for his tastes. He couldn't remember anything that happened before coming here, but he deep inside him that he's out of place. This irritates him.

On his way over to... well, he isn't even sure where he's going... he looks to his right and sees in glass his reflection. Horns, spiked turtle shells, fangs, claws... All of his features served to make him look nothing less than intimidating. He was, he had to admit, quite handsome. No doubt he could take some time to admire his reflection some more, but this image further emphasizes how... different he is.

He spends the rest of the day like this until he returns back to his apartment room. After unlocking his door, he squeezes himself in and... sees his roommate, Isaac.]

Rrgh... Terrific. Another ape. Figures my roommate would be another one of you.

... What're you waiting for? Show me where I'm supposed to get a shut-eye around here! I just got here and I'm not in the mood to stomp you for being stupid.

[He impatiently crosses his arms, waiting for you to do as the giant turtle monster says.]


... Is... Is this thing on?

[It's on, but he's not using it properly. In fact, all you really see is just his eye. Talk about a close-up.]

I nearly broke this thing when they first handed it to me. So all right, I'll bite. Anemoi's the stuff that's supposed to give us back our memories, right? Little rocks or jewels or whatever that's just lying around or given as hand-outs. What's stopping me from just snatching them right out of your hands?

Seems pretty easy when you guys're so puny.


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