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Attention, fellow exiles!

It recently came to my attention that there are some quite serviceable training facilities available to those who seek it out. Well done, Ky.

However! Unless I miss my guess, there are some among us who wish to refine skills a bit beyond casual sparring matches. Those with incredible powers, who risk hurting those around them or themselves if they practice carelessly.

It is to these people whom I offer my services as a trainer and sparring partner. Before I came here I was a Prinny Instructor, so I have experience in training, and I seem to possess enough skill and power to at least survive against most opponents.

If the ordeal with the "oni" taught us anything, it is that we must all be prepared. Seek me out, if you think you stand to benefit from it.
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[Valvatorez looms dramatically atop City Hall. For those in the area, his dramatic speech is audible from the streets. For the rest of you, a video feed is also available.]

Hear me, exiles of Sirocco!

I have studied in the ways of your people, and I will follow them myself. Thusly, my presidency will be decided not by an evilection, but by an election!

I, Presidential Candidate Valvatorez, am joining this presidential race as the sole representative of the Hades Party. Once elected, I shall unify the exiled wanderers of Sirocco towards greater purpose, total memory recall, and ultimately the uncovering of the Truth!

Great expeditions shall be made to forge deeper into the dark country beyond the city, to uncover secrets and tame the lands beyond our borders! Volunteers will be organized from the strong to liberate Anemoi and distribute them amongst the weak! If necessary, I shall oppose the very Gods themselves in my quest for freedom, truth and justice!

So vote for me, if you desire a world no longer ruled by ignorance. If you oppose my views, then I will welcome you as a rival electoral candidate! Come at me, brothers!
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Tell me...what does "hell" mean to you?

[She's at some sort of desk, pencil tapping on a small pile of papers.]

There's varying interpretations in all cultures, but...I was wondering. Apparently it is my homeland. Of a sort.


Jan. 14th, 2012 02:17 pm
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[This city... ponderous. Inefficient. Like a tamer version of the Corrupterment he now remembers.]

[At this rate, nothing will change... people's crawl towards total recall will never accelerate. The world beyond Sirocco will never be explored. The key to returning home will never be unlocked.]

[What Sirocco needs...

...is a leader.]

Hear me, fellow exiles!

We have come from many worlds, united by a single purpose. However, we have failed to pool our resources in any proactive way towards recovering our homes and our memories. To this and, let a new reign take leadership in this land!

I will now be running for President of Sirocco. Let the Evilection begin!
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[Valvatorez, out and looming dramatically at night, suddenly finds his attention focused on the swollen moon. A memory stirs...]

The moon... is...

[He suddenly drops to all fours, eyes widening in momentary panic.]

This... I've seen it before! But how? What is this?!

[The memory grows more and more jumbled. The moon... no... the Earth growing larger in the sky?]

No... this makes no sense! This isn't the Netherworld I remembered!

So why is this all so familiar...!


[Having regained his composure, Valvatorez clears his throat.]

I think it's about time we all accepted the very real possibility that the moon is, in fact, falling.

Do we have any sort of countermeasure available to stop it?
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WHO: Valvatorez, Joachim, Ky, Kaguya, Ken, and Barnaby
WHAT: All lizards great and small.
WHEN: December 12
WHERE: An abandoned prehistoric village, somewhat familiar.
NOTE: Don't drive like this at home, kids.

Tales of Secret Wizards and Dinosaurs here!

All participants gained 3% worth of Anemoi.
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Three hours of puzzles and octopi await UNDER THIS VERY CUT )

Hiroshi, Rin, Shirou, and Valvatorez returned successfully from their outing with 4% anemoi each as well as some misc. loot and a baby octopus. Rin incurred tentacle-related injuries and is expected to tsun make a full recovery.
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[Today, Booster is wearing a suit and tie. And if that won't get your attention, I'm not sure what will! OK maybe the fact that he is also clearly trying to get people's attention, that might do it.]

Hello, people of Sirocco! I'm Booster Gold, and I've got a very important announcement for you all today, especially for our local heroes. Back home, we've got an organization of heroes called the Justice League, and, as a member of said prestigious organization, I am of course authorized to form a new chapter here. In other words, Justice League Sirocco is now recruiting and open for business!

If you're interested in joining or you're in need of some superheroic assistance, feel free to get in touch with me or stop by our headquarters at 6040 Jubilee Road. I can promise there'll always be somebody there ready to help you. And if you're in need of some spare anemoi, we can help with that, too! Again, that's 6040 Jubilee Road, not too far from the Suites or the lab.

If there's any questions, I can answer them right now.
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[private, hackable]

To think that I served in a Netherworld of such importance... extraordinary. The role of Prinny Instructor would have even more import than I thought in such a place.

With every memory, the story becomes more complicated.

[public, video]

Tell me, Exiles. What is it that you fear in this world?

[[2% spent on Hades and its relation to the human world.]]
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Your attention please, everybody! This latest deluge of memories are of utmost importance for us all.

Sardines are an excellent source of vitamin B12 and tryptophan. In addition to these, they also contain omega-3 fatty acids, and are a good way to get your daily intake of selenium, vitamin D, phosphorous, and even plain old protein! As if that wasn't enough, you can add calcium and niacin to the list as well. Backed by the unparalleled set of perks of this nutritional powerhouse, eating sardines daily can strengthen your bones, keep your heart running at full power, and even make you grow taller!

Vitamin D, of which a single serving of sardines can provide over 50% of your daily needs, is an important nutrient in the area of preventing such conditions as...

[He's not shutting up any time soon.]

[[2% spent on sardine nutritional facts.]]
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I was this close to deciding that somehow, I'd been scoring nothing but dud anemoi, but, hey, I finally remembered something! Iiiiii....

[Booster pauses here for appropriate dramatic effect.]

...Am a superhero! Booster Gold, that's me! I won't hold it against you if you haven't heard of me, though. I mean, I hadn't either until just recently.

Of course, it's kind of a moot point when I don't have my costume with me, but it's good to remember something anyway.


[Anyone out at night is liable to notice a new costumed weirdo patrolling the skies. He is, in fact, pretty darn hard to miss, actually, considering he glows like a goddamn light bulb. Maybe he'll stop for a chat if you wave him down?]

((1% on being Booster Gold and the powerset involved with that suit, and 2% on the same for Supernova along with being told by Rip not to under any circumstances let anyone know that Booster Gold and Supernova are the same person.))


Oct. 24th, 2011 01:07 am
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Now that I think about it, I've been awfully tight-lipped when it comes to my memories. But I can't very well hold my tongue when it comes to this one! Maybe I shouldn't even be worrying, but a lot of us seem to have known each other in the past, and more new arrivals are showing up nearly every day.

It looks like I have some sort of nemesis back home, and like certain other villains, she's not above abducting young children. I wouldn't put it past her to follow me here, either. If anyone sees a blonde woman with a whip and a silly outfit, warn me as soon as you can. She went after my adopted siblings because our grandmother had treasure, so you kids should be safe as long as she doesn't think you have anything she wants.

Oh, and Yuri? This isn't the first time you've forgotten about me.

((OOC: 4% spent on most of the Bandit of Le Havre chapter. A few previous percents spent on fighting skills and geography trivia. Stealth edited to included Yuma and John.))
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*Kotetsu hums to himself as he works with a piece of material he'd picked up from the store. The money from all that random junk they'd picked up in the Item World had turned out to be more than sufficient to pay for the damages to the kitchenette, to his great satisfaction. And now a memory's returned, and somehow he feels like he needs something to accompany it. Something... familiar.

He finishes his work and holds it out in front of him. A little crude, but it'll do for the time being. Just a little bit of elastic banding and...*


*He stands up here, the familiar feeling of a mask around his eyes, his hands on his hips, looking out over the skyline.*

All right, Sirocco, listen up! You don't have to worry anymore! Crime, disaster, mayhem -- all of it! You've got a guy here who's going to take care of everything for you! For I am... Wild Tiger!

*Cue a dynamic set of moves!*

And evil is going to quaver at... my WILD ROAR!

*Pause. He relaxes, rubbing the back of his head, grinning.*

Ahhhh, that feels great! I can't believe I forgot all of that.

((OOC: 1% back to both his superhero name/gimmick and the rest of his full name. FINALLY.))
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[Axel has some day-old bruises and bandages marring his beautiful face, but that's no excuse not to show it off. He has important business to discuss, and what kind of loser uses words to convey his ideas? He tries to keep a conversational tone instead of seeming angry or nervous.]

Hey, so! If anybody else has any crazy accusations about felonies a spectacular guy named Axel may or may not have committed before contracting a tragic case of amnesia, let's all agree to settle whatever grievances there are in a nonviolent way. Please?

Ow my eyebrow...

In better news, though, it's all starting to come back to me! That's right, you're looking at a regular prodigy at recovering from weird memory afflictions. But of course, what else could be expected from...


[Yeah, that was a backflip and a dramatic pose on camera.]

I just knew I was intedimensionally famous before I came here. Some things are engraved on a demon's soul! That's technically all I've remembered for now, but as I'm sure some of my legions of adoring fans are in this lousy city, I'll be considerate enough to keep you all updated. Especially when I remember what a Dark Hero does! Axel out!

[1% memories spent, 99% remaining.]
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Exiles, I request your attention once again! A particularly important memory has resurfaced in my mind.

[To the video screen, Valvatorez presents... a nice, shiny kitchen blender.]

What you see here was once an ordinary blender. However, following some recent investigation by myself, it is now a level 10 blender; it cuts faster, blends sharper, and I think it might be more energy efficient, too.

This was accomplished by entering and fighting my way through ten floors of the blender's Item World. Nearly every item small enough to be carried has an Item World of its own, and can be similarly improved. While this can be quite useful, it is also extremely dangerous. The deeper you travel into an Item World, the more dangerous of foes you may face - and high-grade items will have powerful monsters in their Item Worlds from the very beginning. Furthermore, you'll only have a chance to leave every ten floors, unless you bring a Mr. Gency's exit with you - I acquired one on my trip through this blender, and will gladly give it to someone who aims to practice some caution.

If anybody wishes to traverse the Item World, talk to me and I'll happily teach you how to enter them. However, this should not be attempted by the weak of power or soft of heart, nor would I advise going in alone if it can be avoided.

...Unrelatedly, I learned that my previous job title was "Prinny Instructor". A fine profession, although it changed to "Janitor" when I took on a new job this morning.

[[1% spent on the Item World, 1% spent on how to access his status screen. Item World lessons will be off-screened, as the game is extremely vague about how it works. Contact me if you have more questions about how all this zaniness works.]]
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*Apparently Tsuruya wasn't kidding when she said she was going to look for a job. At least, not if the fact she's your server for today at the restaurant downstairs is anything to go by. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she already seems pretty popular; after all, who doesn't like a pretty young waitress who clearly enjoys what she's doing?*

Heyas! How YOU doing? Feel free to get as much of what you like, and remember: you can have as much water as you want for free! Hahahaha!
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Who: Kotetsu, Valvatorez, Saleh
What: Action! Adventure! Anemoi acquisition!
Where: Ruins northwest of Sirrocco.
When: Monday-ish?
Warnings: Mild violence, cruelty to animals.

After some off-screen party banter... )
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[After this memory, Valvatorez does NOT go straight to post about it. Instead, he goes... to the grocery store.]

[Oh, Hades. The feeling of sinking your teeth into them. The taste, the texture... how could he forget this ecstasy?]

[He stops long enough to leave a brief, desperate message:]


That is all.
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[It's been a few days since Mami arrived in Sirocco, but this is the first time she's bothered checking the network. It seems there are other people like her - people suddenly appearing without their memories - so she saves the default WHO WHAT WHERE HOW WHY questions for later. No need to get repetitive, right?

But she does want to introduce herself, so after a moment of thinking up a good conversation starter, she speaks.]

What does it feel like for everyone else? Losing your memory, I mean.

For me, it's... almost like standing in the middle of an unlit room. You know there are things placed all around you, and you should know what they are and where they should be... but it's too dark. So you wander around trying to find something, anything, in what you think is a familiar spot. But it's empty, so you lose your bearings. And you just keep making it worse by continuing to look around.

[She sounds so lost in thought right now, it's almost like she doesn't realize she's talking to other people. Care to bother her?]


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