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[Gordon looks in much better spirits than he had been in the past few days. Maybe it's because he FINALLY got all that marshmallow out of his hair... oh, wait. It's a little shorter. Looks like he has to take drastic measures. Well, at least it didn't get into his beard...]

So it turns out, as a post-doc I did some research in Austria. Spent the better part of a year there. Good times... Crisp air, awesome scenery, plenty of erenhaftprofessoren to bounce ideas off of, and arguably the best beer on the planet. If and when I go back home, I'm going back there. I don't care what else I have to do.

[And here he was worried he wasn't going to like his memories from here on out...]

What about you guys? Anyone else here have a place you remember fondly?

[Private, to Samus]

Heyyyy, uh, would you be interested in going over those power suit prints tonight or tomorrow? The library, center branch, second floor.

I'll even take the liberty of kicking the teenagers out of the hologram viewing room before you arrive.

[1% on the Innsbruck Experiment, 14% total.]
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I think we all know by now that our collective ability to withhold information is impaired, possibly due to some sort of psychosomatic gas or radiation. So to cut to the chase, I'm a bounty hunter who primarily takes contracts from the Galactic Federation Army on the condition that I have full autonomy whenever possible.

I have special permission to access things like confidential GFA logs and restricted areas due to connections I made actually working for the Federation officially when I was younger. Essentially, I'm a VIP among problem solvers, though I still can't remember any specific missions from either part of my career.

Also, Gordon, I managed to decrypt the data you were looking for and upload it in the lab. I'd have told you in private, but...
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[He'd been trying not to show it after that mission to the tower, but Gordon was still a little shaken up. That pale bloated... thing, still haunted his mind, along with the dull remembrance headache of the psychic shockwave it sent through them all at the top of the tower. What the hell was it? Why did the name Advisor spring to his mind so quickly? God, and that thing escaped too. That means it's OUT there somewhere. Who would be able to stand up to it? Even with all their firepower, it still had all of them totally at its mercy. In fact, if it hadn't been for Samus, than Hiroshi would have been...]

[Video, to Hiroshi]

Hey, kid... You doing okay?

[Video, to Samus]

Hey. Thanks again for saving Hiroshi from that Ad--from that overgrown grub back there. You seemed to know what you were doing in that tower better than any one of us. Some of it... ring familiar to you, I guess?

[Video, to Sirocco]

Anyone here ever get the feeling that they might NOT want all their memories back after all?
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Who: Samus, Gordon, Rudolph, Shirou, and Hiroshi.
What: Battling aliens and color puzzles.
Warnings: Spooky aliens.
Your rate for collecting items was: 2%.

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[After that completely innocent announcement, the Clown's been pretty quiet. However the city has not!]


[For example: One of the few banks left open in the city is wailing out with alarms as inside an ordinary looking middle-aged man is laugh manically, shooting staples at the wall - pinning a narcoleptic security guard's lapel to the wall - he's shouting]

You said that you can have these? Not I the Office Supplinator! Hand over those pens, papers, and everything you're not suppose to have and no one will have to face - REJECTION!

[The customers and tellers stayed low, completely baffled by this crazy man but are afraid to draw attention - who will save them now?]


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